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The more research that is done with Light, the more promise it seems to hold for us all

Light Therapy has been shown in over 50 years of worldwide research to deliver powerful benefits to living tissue and organisms. Light Therapy causes special biologic effects, because of the manner in which specific wavelengths of light are absorbed by proteins within living cells. It has been discovered that specific wavelengths within both the visible red and blue spectrum and the 'invisible' infrared spectrum positively effect many processes at the cellular level. Light Therapy is currently being used in both clinical and home settings around the globe. It has been used by segments of the medical and veterinary professions for almost 30 years.
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 What is Light Therapy?
This website will provide you with links to much of the research and videos that you need to learn more about this exciting tool and how it can positively impact the life of you and your loved ones.
Dr Paul Nogier
Light Therapy Pioneer
Pulsed Light Therapy Overview.
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